My favourite light setup in Cinema 4D

What if I told you that there is only one light source in the scene below and
I didn't spend a single minute setting it up. Curious? Welcome to my tutorial!

Step 1 - Scene

I use the same scene with everything already set up for all renders I do. I made it a couple of years ago following Maxon's tutorial on "High Dynamic Range Lightning". To continue this tutorial it is necessary to download my scene.

>Download scene<

Step 2 - Rendering

Now you can render your object. In my scene there's a mushroom but you can place there anything you want. I found out that with these settings everything looks clean, professional and good:-)

As you can see rendering a white object on white background is not very clever. But I did it on purpose. If you are rendering other than white objects you might be perfectly satisfied with the result and just finish at this stage. But in this case we are going to change the background colour.

Step 3 - Changing the background colour

We need to take another shot of the scene in which everything except the mushroom is black while the mushroom stays white. Since there's a floor in our scene we can't rely on rendering with alpha channel.

This way we have created a picture that can help us isolate the mushroom from the rest so we can easily change the background colour in Photoshop.

Oh shoot! The result doesn't look natural at all. I thought it would:-( This is actually not how I do it. We should have rendered it with a floor of a desired background colour because it would cast coloured reflections on our mushroom. But don' worry we can still fix this.

Tadaaa! Much better!

Step 4 - Playing with it

I know it's a bit of cheating but who cares? It's digital art:-) Play with it, try another background colour, try gradients...

And I got carried away a little...

That's it. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and if you know a better way to achieve the same results, please share it with us. I'm still quite new to Cinema so if you know about some good and free tutorials on light setup, post a link in the comments.







That is awesome! Thank you for the no-mess no fuss approach!


Thank you for the tutorial and files. I would love to see a step by step of how you created the final image. Its great and looks like you used some interesting techniques


Thanks man!
This is great.


Brilliant! Just what I was looking for!


Hey thanks for this!


very nice job mark..!! and very easy steps to understand... you could also try GRAFTi kind of art,.


Very nice job! Thank you very much! :)


As newbie... Its great! You could ilustrate some fairytails books. Did You any?

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